Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Moral of the Story, Part Deux

I promised the photos of the sad, ruined wood from my lying, glopping soap experience. Here they are. The wood is not going to ever go back to its normal blond hue. That's not oil. The brown is softened, ruined, permantly stained wood. The wall, in the before-mentioned post by the way, was protected fairly well with the paint so it does not look this bad (Thank goodness; said-supportive-spouse might be less supportive had there been a hole in our drywall!) Just imagine what our (newly intalled, by hand, by my back-pained hubby) cherrywood floor would look like? Thank goodness that I immediately went to cleaning the floor like a little whirling dervish.

By the way, when my sweet, unsuspecting dear hubby saw the soap glopped all over the wall and the cutting board, guess what he assumed? He actually initially thought that it had been over-exuberant cooking (of food!?!) that caused the glopping. He is such a dear. Doesn't he realize that the kitchen is primarly to make soap in??