Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Essential Oils Enhance Your Life

I pored over our sales reports for the last few months today. I realized that our essential oil line has been sadly underutilized in sales lately. I'm unsure if it's because we started out as a fragrance oil company ten years ago and are mostly thought of as primarily a fragrance oil company. Or if it's because our pricing/quality is judged as sub par. If it's the latter, someone please put me out of my misery and tell me.

I'm half way through my certification for Medical Aromatherapy and loving the course! These are some things I've learned lately:

* Removing parts of the essential oil (for example, removing terpenes from essential oils to make them more friendly to perfuming) hurts the overall effect of the essential oil. The whole sum of the parts for essential oil is important to keeping their full therapeutic value.

* Famous researcher Paolo Rovestsi showed that inhaling essential oils of rose and lavender reduced feelings of depression and anxiety. Imagine combining that research with a brisk 30 minute run or walk outside to try and combat depression without prescription drugs!

* Only 1% of flowering plants produce an essential oil in any significant amount.

If you'd like to be introduced to Essential oils, Bramble Berry carries the neatest little starter aromatherapy kit. It has everything you need (starter oils and a comprehensive education book) to start exploring the world of aromatherapy.

We also carry a huge line of essential oils, organic essential oils and synergy blends. I am currently burning the Calming Synergy Blend in my bedroom in the evenings and am loving the scent and effect.

Some ideas for improving your life through essential oils:

* put a 5 drops of Lavender Essential Oil on freshly laundered socks before tossing into the drier. Your entire load will come out smelling of calming lavender.

* fill a bowl with water. Put 15 drops of an uplifting essential oil like Peppermint, Bergamot, or Lemongrass into the water. Inhale deeply to wake yourself up and then soak a washcloth in the aromatic water. Wring the wash cloth out, toss it on the floor of your car and enjoy the fragrance all day as the washcloth dries out.

* Make a nighty-night linen spray by mixing 2 oz distilled water with 20 drops of Calming or Sleepy Time Synergy Blends. Shake well before use each and every time and of course, test on an inconspicuous place on your linens before dousing your entire bed. It's impossible to predict which fabrics will bleed and fade.

There are many more uses for essential oils in soaps, lotions, face and body preparations and massage (to name a few!). Watch for more posts about using essential oils in your daily life. I am very inspired by my Aromatherapy Certification Course and look forward to sharing more essential oil tidbits over the next few months.