Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Reign of Erik, Part Deux

My younger brother Erik has officially been on the job for 2 months. He has taken the helm at Otion, our retail store operation. It hasn't been the smoothest of transitions from a no-managerial-oversight to a full-time, in-store manager but we're through the uphill part and onto a nice plateau.

In his two months at Otion, Erik has installed new flooring in the soap bar area (faux tile - it looks great!), implemented staffing policies and hired a new employee for the store. He also has learned how to make many toiletries and Cold Process soap. Here is his latest CP soap on the right. The soap on the left was one of his first. He has come a long way in his technical expertise! He's actually got a bit of a swirl motif with his latest batch. The color choice is interesting for a champagne fragrance. It's certainly eye catching.

I had the privilege of co-teaching a private soapmaking party last night. Some of the gals flew in from Boston. It was fun to have a group of happy, giggling, laughing ladies to teach soap to. They were all friends. Camaraderie was easy going and the atmosphere was light.

Each partygoer got to make 2 different batches of Cold Process Soap. The recipes were the same except for the superfatting level. One used a 2% superfat and the other used a 10% superfat. All of the newbie soapers were able to personalize their individual CP bars with their choice of color, scent and exfoliants. It was quite a lot of fun!

Parties at Otion start at $14 per person. We can do parties customized to anyone's interests - all natural, toiletries classes, lip balm, lotionmaking, massage melts, balms, soap, melt and pour - Otion can instruct in almost anything!