Monday, August 20, 2007

Spilling Lye Water & Fresh Soap

I taught a beginning cold process soap class at Otion tonight. It was a wonderful class with students from Arizona, Tacoma (WA) and Portland (OR). We had 7 students, two of whom had made soap. It's always a joy to have experienced soapmakers in class so they can augment my instructions.

I let the students choose the oils so we had a very soft recipe with all the moisturizing goodies they wanted in the soap. The recipe ended up being:

3 oz. Castor Oil
1.5 oz. Jojoba
10 oz. Coconut
10 oz. Palm
10 oz. Olive
15 oz. water

5.21 - 5.65 oz lye (range of 10% superfat down to 3%)

We did two batches. One with a 3% superfat and the second one with a 10% superfat. I like doing soap classes this way so that the concept of superfatting/lye discounting is clear. On the 2nd batch, the students mixed their own oils and got the hang of taring the scale, using a stick blender and scooping out the Coconut and Palm.

We did room temperature (energy transfer) soap for the first batch. I showed my dexterity by pouring lye water all over the table in front of the class. Clumsiness is catching. Erik (Otion Store Manager, also my little brother) poured fresh soap all over one of the student's papers. It was not our collective finest moment.

The second batch was a normal CP batch. Some of the students got ambitious and did swirling. We did have a few fun trace accelerators. Sea Moss and AppleJack Peel really acted up.

The last of the students departed just before 8 p.m. I'll be teaching a Goatsmilk CP Class and a Goatsmilk Lotion Class at Otion next month. Look for the sign up sheet online in the next week.

The batch to the lest was extra soap from one of the batches. I mixed 2 parts Wineberry Mist (Labcolors) with 1 part Fuscia (Labcolors) to get a perfect red.