Monday, November 26, 2007

Anti-Talc Powder - Day One - Set-Up

Recently, one of our favorite Bramble Berry customers wrote us with some concerns about the talc powder that Bramble Berry sells. Intrigued, I looked into her concerns. After research, I decided that our cosmetic grade talc powder was a product that is safe under normal conditions of use. But, if she's thinking it, maybe other customers are.

So, the Anti Talc Powder project was born.

Set up:

Arrowroot Powder
Dry Flo AF
Labcolors or True Tones
Fragrance or Essential Oil
Powder Containers
Note: Rice Flour is pictured but doesn't work very well
Mixing utensils

These plastic talc containers are affordable (just $1.38 per bottle) and easy to operate. They're on sale for the month of December for just $.75 here. One side of the lid pops open with gentle pressure. Other options are wide mouthed jars with a powder puff or the sophisticated aluminum powder shakers.

Why Dry Flo AF? Dry Flo is plain cornstarch that has extra processing and sifting to make it flow and disperse better. It has a light and airy feeling and requires less sifting than normal cornstarch purchased in the grocery store. The "AF" stands for Aluminum Free. This can also be used in lotions and body massage bars to help cut down on a greasy feel.

Arrowroot Powder is a natural starch typically from the West Indies. It's commonly used to thicken food sauces and imparts a light silky feel for body powders. It is free flowing and non- clumping for easy use with body powder containers.

It's important to only use skin safe fragrances and colorants. No candle or potpourri fragrances and colors for this project, please.

Click here for Day Two instructions on fragrance and color.