Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Podcast on Work-Life Balance

I listened to this podcast last night while working on instructions for Jelly Rolls (they will be done soon). It's on Work Life Balance (and the myth thereof).

Here's the link so you can listen while you work.

One of the best tips was to "Drop three things from your to-do list. Right now!"

I'm not sure what those three things could be for me. Everything seems like it's so important and can't be dropped but I'll be thinking about it for the next few days.

If you listen to the podcast, I'd be interested to see what you took away from the show.

My first thought was that maybe I could drop some of my housework responsibilities. There's a great post on that very subject here. It starts out:
Working women let the laundry pile up. That was basically the finding of a recent study on women and housework.
That's true in my house already - laundry, dishes, and dust are already piling up. So, maybe cutting housework responsibilities isn't the first thing to drop off my To-Do list. =)