Monday, February 4, 2008

Frozen Eagle Trip Photos

Our eagle trip up (down?) the Skagit River was a trip for the memory books. My Mom, an avid (slightly obsessive?) bird watcher is turning 60 tomorrow!

To celebrate Mom's special day, we spent the weekend celebrating with things she likes - Kransakege from Larsen's Bakery in Ballard, Peanut Butter Pie made just for her at Du Jour Bistro and this frozen, pseudo Arctic trip to find the great Bald Eagle.

As you can see from the photos, we found Bald Eagles (and lots of them!).

There were three boats in our little floatilla, with all of the participants outfitted in their coldest weather wear. It was so cold on the river that our boat actually had to plow through ice at times.

Here is our happy boat crew - my sister-in-law Cheriss, my dad, me, my Mom, Husband and dear brother Erik. The river boat captain is the one in the back with the waterproof rain slicker (smart guy).

It was such a fun trip. Thank you Mom for having a birthday so we could celebrate and have a wonderful experience together as a family.