Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Slidey Tins!

We received the cutest little lip slide tins in last week. Aren't these little guys adorable? You can find them here. They're just $88 for 200 pots and have an optional shrink wrap to ensure purity for your customers and a professional look for your products.

Not sure how to make lip balm? You can use a pre-mixed base (instructions here) or make your own from scratch. Here's a very simple recipe that you can use to make lip balms (or even solid perfumes):
1oz. Olive Oil
.3oz of Lanolin or Mango Butter
.4oz of Shea Butter
.4oz of Beeswax
Flavor oil and Stevia for taste
Melt beeswax gently over a double boiler (or in the microwave if no double boiler is available but remember my microwave explosion accident? Be careful when heating wax in the microwave). In a separate container, heat the Lanolin oil and Shea Butter up until it is fully liquid. Add the olive oil to the melted Lanolin oil and Shea Butter. Combine the beeswax and all the oil, stir well. Add flavoring (if desired) and pour into the adorable lip slidey tins. Label, add a shrink wrap and you're all done. The same recipe could be used to make solid perfume oil by adding up to 10% of a skin safe fragrance oil.

The photo above uses the lip safe Bramble Berry mica, Rose Pearl Mica.