Thursday, February 21, 2008

Otion Commercial Shoot

After four years of doing print and radio advertising, Otion is moving to the next advertising medium. We're going solely with television ads for 2008.

We are lucky to have an award winning film production company in Bellingham. Handcrank Films shot the Otion commercial in four hours on location Tuesday night. Four hours to get just 1 minute of footage may sound like a lot. It's not. With all the shots necessary to properly showcase Otion's unique concept, time and many actors were necessary. The above photo shows the tight face shot actually occurring during this take (bottom right tv screen).

Handcrank Films worked with us to do the shoot after hours at Otion. The amount of camera equipment, actors and crew would have made it difficult to have customer soap bars going on during the filming.

Here's Erik, showing actress Audra, Otion's wide choice of books.

Yesterday, I went to Handcrank Film's production studios to do voice overs. It was very challenging trying to match up previously filmed footage with my voice. I never did get it quite perfect but Max, the producer, says that it's good enough.

The commercials will start to air in the second week of March. I'll keep you posted on their impact.