Friday, February 1, 2008

Potato Soap!?!

Made by Nature's Best Soap with actual potato water, this soap is fragranced with Anise Essential Oil. I have hidden it downstairs in the guest room shower for when my Mom visits. She loves, loves, loves a good black licorice and this is one of the best!

The lather is dense, holds up and my skin felt baby soft when I was all toweled off.

Master soapmaker, Duane, says this about the soap:

My initial thoughts were to promote the soothing benefit of potato to skin. An old wives tale promoted raw potato to treat sunburn is one of the things we read when researching about 12 years ago and decided to make a soap with actual potato. We've had a number of anecdotal stories over the years from people who rave about the soap with potato and the effect it has on mature skin.