Monday, October 20, 2008

Cinnamon Sugar Scrub-Part Two-Gift Series

Part Two of our Cinnamon Sugar Scrub Tutorial finds us with a big bowl of delicious smelling, exfoliating foaming bath butter. You could use it the way it is - but we have a great idea for making it just a little more WOW! in the jar.

If you missed the first day click here for ingredients, set up and mixing instructions.

SugarScrub4Step 4

Put half of the FBB & Sugar mixture into another container. Color one half with a couple of scoops of Cappuccino mica and the other with shredded glitter. Mix the color and glitter in well.

SugarScrub5Step 5

Spoon the colored, scented FBB mixture into the pastry bags - one color in each. I like to fold the top of the pastry bag down, forming a little sleeve cuff, to keep the top of the plastic bag clean. Once filled, fold up the top cuff and snip off the end of the pastry bag to form your funnel.

SugarScrub6Carefully pipe the scrub into the jars. Make sure to press the tip of the pastry bag around the sides to get clearly delineated layers. Alternate between the two colors until your jar is filled.

SugarScrub7Finish it off with one of our cute labels (click here to get the Cinnamon Sugar, Christmas Forest, Fresh Snow, and Cranberry Fig PDF files) or make your own! Your family, friends and co-workers will be very impressed with how nice their skin feels once they bathe with the Cinnamon Sugar Scrub.