Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gift Series - Snowflake Soap Tutorial

The next installment in our Christmas gift project tutorial series are these appleaing Snowflake soaps. I love how intricate this project looks. In reality, these soaps are quite simple thanks to the well designed mold. These adorable little soaps can be as cheap as 49¢ each to make.*


Clear M&P soap base
White M&P soap base

Iridescent glitter
Brilliant Blue Lab color
Snowflake soap mold
fragrance (we used Fresh Snow)


Microwave safe containers for melting soap
spoon for stirring
spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
M&P tool kits (optional - but they sure make it easier!)

snowsoap2Step 1 Cut up soap into cubes and place clear in one container and white in the other. Melt the soap in the microwave in short bursts until both clear and white are fully melted.

Step 2 Add soap safe glitter, Brilliant Blue color and fragrance or essential oil of choice to melted clear soap. Add fragrance to melted white soap. I like to use .25 - .5 ounces per pound of soap for a strong scent.

snowsoap3Step 3 Place one of the colors in the details of the snowflake design. I like to spray a layer of rubbing alcohol into the detail portion area, fill up my dropper or syringe and then gently flow the soap into the detail lattice. The alcohol helps the soap flow smoothly into all the crevices. Once it has set-up (usually just a couple of minutes) scrape away any soap that has overflowed outside of the design area with the dental pick tool in the tool kit or a dull butter knife. Because of the raised design, it's easy to just scrape the back even with the edges to clean up the details.

snowsoap4Step 4 Spritz the design with rubbing alcohol. Pour other color in the mold - making sure the soap is not so hot that it will melt the detail soap already in there. The ideal temperature for pouring any of the Bramble Berry house bases for overpour is around 120 degrees.

Step 5 Allow to set-up for a few hours or overnight before popping them out of the mold.

If you're giving these as gifts, the organza bags finish them off nicely or you can use a little bit of saran wrap and a heat gun to achieve professional looking soap at your own kitchen table. Print out your labels from our holiday label designs and you've got the perfect stocking stuffer or handmade gift.

* the fine print: to get to our 49¢ each price we factored in one mold, 2 pounds of clear, 2 pounds of white M&P soap base, 1/2 ounce glitter, 1 ounce of fragrance and 1/2 bottle of blue lab color. In reality we don't think you would actually use that much color and glitter but just in case. :)