Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow Tutorial - Foiling!

ChampagneBlushOpenWe have named our second free Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow recipe in our Holiday series Champagne Glimmer. It's a shimmery pink blend with nice peachy undertones that seems to compliment many skintones.

The recipe:
3 parts Sericite
2 parts Peach Shimmer mica
1 part Sparkle Violet mica
1 part Rose Pearl mica

We used our mini pigment scoops for the parts - but you can use whatever measuring tool you have handy.

Blending directions: Place everything in your container (we like to use the classy black lip pots) and mix well. That's it!

ChampagneFoilFoiling Technique: Here's how you can get a little extra shimmer and shine from your handmade eyeshadow blends.

Dip your makeup brush in water and then in the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow powder will stick to your brush. Then use a surface (like the lid of the container) to blend up the eyeshadow and water. You want a smooth flowing blend, not a paste.

ChampagneBlush1Step 1: Apply your favorite foundation to your eyelids and around your eyes - blend in well. If you have more mature eyes, a dab of moisturizer under the foundation will help the foundation go on more smooth and even.
Step 2: Paint the wet Champagne Glimmer onto the upper lid. Be sure to look down until it dries so you don't get eyeshadow where you don't want it!

Step 3: Apply liquid liner to the the upper lid (for the example real life photo, we used a blend of our brown oxide and black oxide and used the same foiling technique with water). Smudge a deep brown eyeshadow along the lower lash line and apply Mascara.

And that's it! I have to admit, this isn't a look I'll be sporting this season. But maybe some of you more adventurous types will give it a shot and send us photos?