Sunday, July 12, 2009

After Sun Care Spritzer & Skinsicles

Day Two: Making an easy Spritzer & Skinsicles
Day Three: Infusing Oils
Day Four: Soothing Massage Oil

Making an Easy Spritzer

There are a variety of ways to make a spritzer to spray on sunburn relief.
1. You can go the all natural, but sometimes separates route
2. You can go the mostly natural and doesn’t separate route

A note about Aloe Vera 'Gel' - When you crack open an aloe vera plant, a gel comes out. However, within a few minutes, the enzymes in the gel break down into a watery substance.. The product Bramble Berry sells is this final product - a watery aloe vera substance. In order to get an aloe vera gel, thickeners are always added. If you have an aloe vera gel-gel, check the ingredients and see what thickener is in there. Because aloe vera gel is 95-99% water and the 'gel' present immediately after cutting is a complex web of polysaccharides that breaks down without a synthetic gelling agent, natural aloe vera 'gel' is a liquid as shown above in the photo.

All Natural, sometimes separates:

1 oz. Distilled Water

Instructions: Add all the ingredients together. Whisk together to emulsify the mixture. Pour into sprayable containers.

You an also add some baking soda to this mixture to make a thin soothing mixture to apply like a cold poultice.

Mostly Natural, won’t separate

1 oz. Distilled Water
15 drops Lavender EO
Optional: German II Preservative .35 oz.
Examples are packaged in Bramble Berry brushed aluminum bottles.

Mix the Polysorbate 20 with the essential oils. Add to Aloe Vera and water mix. Stir well. Mixture may get cloudy and tends to stay cloudy.

You can also use Peppermint Essential Oil to make a cooling spray. Some people find this soothing (not so much myself).

See that all natural blue color? It's the azulene content in the Blue Chamomile (German) Essential Oil. It's healing goodness to the nth degree.

For extra cooling goodness, pop these recipes into the freezer and making a soothing ice cube with the skin loving ingredients. They both freeze to a mostly-solid. They don't pop out of ice cube containers well but larger containers, like small flexible tupperware, are great for making Skin Soothing Popsicles.

Check in tomorrow to learn how to infuse oil using calendula petals to create a healing skin oil.