Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To Fill 50 Lip Balm Tubes at Once

(It's a small recipe so I had to multiply it by 10 to fill the entire tray)

Picture 136Picture 319

Once you place all 50 lip balm tubes into the pouring tray (as far in as they can go), you have two pouring methods to choose from...

"The Massive Pour": Fill up all 50 tubes with one giant pour. Then scrape off the excess lip balm and save it for another batch. If you choose this option you will need to do a "clean up" (see below).

My creation

"The Conservative Pour":
Fill each individual tube just below the rim so there is no extra lip balm sticking out. This Method does not require a clean up. Let the lip balm harden and release from the pouring tray. Just pop on the caps and they're ready for your 50 closest friends!

Picture 251

"The Clean Up": Once the lip balm has hardened release the tubes from the pouring tray. Take your knife and slice off the tops (which you can melt and use again). Once the tops are smooth (as a babies you-know-what) pop on the caps. You're done!

Picture 343

PS - You can cut with the knife going away from you depending on your comfort level with knives. Having officially taken a real knife skills class (yes, there is such a thing in the wonderful town of Bellingham), I was just a wee bit confident but you don't need to be. Cutting the other way works just as well.