Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mondo Bath Bombs

We've had so many requests in the last couple of weeks to do a tutorial using our stainless steel bath bomb molds. So I put my apron on, went to the soap lab and busted out some luscious bath bombs! Below is a basic recipe. Once you get the basics down there are endless possibilities in the world of bath bombs. Try multiple colors, herbs and stamps. You're baths will never be the same.

Picture 677

Mondo Bath Bomb Recipe  
32 oz  Baking Soda

ONE: Combine the 16 oz of citric acid and 32 oz baking soda in a large bowl and mix well. Use your fingers to break up any clumps.

TWO: Once the mixture is smooth, add a heaping scoop of the red mica and mix well until you have a soft pink color. Again, you can use your hands if you prefer.
My creation

THREE: Once the color is mixed in, add your fragrance oil.

Tip: Make sure there are no clumps in your mixture. Clumps can result in wart like protrusions on your bath fizzy. Not attractive.

FOUR: Spritz with witch hazel until the mixture seems like it is staying together when you squeeze a handful in the palm of your hands (about 5 or 6 spritzes). Is it saying together? Then you're ready for the mold.

FIVE: Fill each half of the mondo mold and pack the mixture as tight as you can. Then sprinkle on a little extra and place the second half of the mold on top. Squeeze the two halves together as hard as you can. If they are not packed hard enough, they could crack when drying. Trust me, it's very disappointing.
My creation
SIX: Let the mixture rest in the mold for about 30 seconds then carefully slide it out of the mold onto a flat surface. Let it dry, undisturbed. You'll be tempted to poke it, hold it or move it. Please don't mess with it until it's fully hardened, you'll thank me later. This recipe yields 5 bath bombs.

Picture 674

Tips: Have you ever had your bath bombs crack? I'm raising my hand. Most cracking is caused by too much or too little moisture so try to find that happy medium, where it sticks together nicely in the palm of your hand. Check out my Bath Bomb Cupcake tutorial to see an example of a too dry and a just right mixture. Other times, cracking can mean that the bath bomb wasn't packed tightly enough so use those muscles and pack it as tight as you can! Or try adding clays to your bath fizzy to improve the structural integrity of your bath fizzy and make it stronger.