Monday, March 8, 2010

Soapylove Tutorial: 2 Scoops, Please!

Anne-Marie and I are so excited to release the newest design in the Soapylove supply line - the Ice Cream Cone Mold!  With polka dots, layered ice cream scoops, and an adorable "cake" cone, you will have so much fun designing your own flavor combinations.  Here's a quick tutorial to get you started!

1 lb Bright White soap base
Sweet Treats Colorant Set
Poppy seeds
Delectable Desserts Fragrance Set
Ice Cream Soap Mold
Cutting board, knife, bottle of rubbing alcohol, Pyrex cup

Melt 1 oz of white soap base.  Stir in several drops of  Bakery Beige color until you get a nice milk chocolate color.  Spray mold with rubbing alcohol, then pour soap into top "scoop" area.  I found that if I poured the soap close to the rippled edge then filled in the rest, that I would get the best coverage without overflow.  Allow to harden.

Next melt 1 oz of white soap base.  Stir in a few drops of Pink Frosting color, then a tiny sprinkle of poppy seeds (you can also use the Rainbow Sprinkles!  Very cute!).  Spray the chocolate soap and the mold with alcohol, then pour in pink soap filling the second scoop area and covering the chocolate scoop.  Allow to harden. If you do have overflow, wait until soap is hard then cut excess away with a sharp knife.

Melt 1 oz of white soap base and color with Buttercream colorant.  Spray mold with alcohol, pour soap into cone area and cover both scoops of ice cream.  Allow to harden.

* If you want incredibly cute guest soaps or embeds, you can stop here.  Let the soaps sit in the mold until completely cool then flex mold to release an edge.  Pull soap out of the mold. 

For a complete soap bar, melt 4 oz of white soap base and add any fragrance you like from the Desserts F.O. set.  Use equal portions of fragrance and vanilla stabilizer.  Stir well and allow to cool to 120 degrees.  Spray set soap with alcohol, then fill mold.  Allow to harden completely either overnight or put in freezer for 10 minutes, and unmold!

You can't go wrong with this mold.  As long as you use non-bleeding colorants, you can do anything!  Try using non-bleeding micas for a "sorbet" look, or try marbling 2 colors for a rainbow sherbet effect.  I can't wait to see what you come up with! 

Debbie, Soapylove