Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Five Days of Father's Day: Shaving Soap

It's day three of Father's Day Week. Today's project is homemade shaving soap enhanced with Vitamin E Oil and Kaolin Clay. The soap has a smooth, thick lather and a refreshing fragrance, Kentish Rain. Pair it with an old fashioned shaving brush and say good bye to Dad's 5 o'clock shadow!
3 ounces of Shaving Soap Base
1/2 teaspoon Kaolin Clay
1/8 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil
Rubbing Alcohol
1 microwave safe mug 
(Yields 1 mug of shaving soap)
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The best part about this project is that the soap is made right in the mug that you're going to give Dad, leaving you with virtually no clean up.

Shaving Soap Instructions: Melt 3 ounces of Shaving Soap in the microwave (30 seconds will do the trick). Once the soap is melted, mix in 1/2 teaspoon of Kaolin Clay, 1/8 teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil and 1/2 ml of Kentish Rain. It will look clumpy at first which is perfectly normal, just keep mixing until smooth. Give it a spritz with rubbing alcohol to get rid of air bubbles and let the soap cool in the mug until solid.

Instructions for Dad: Wet the brush with water and lather the soap in the mug with the shaving brush. Then proceed with normal shaving routine.

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