Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Luxurious Liquid Soap for just $1.24? You bet!

How much does it cost to make your own liquid soap? Prepare to be astonished. It will only cost you $52.27 to make 42 bottles of soap. That's 336 fluid ounces! Check out my math below and remember that you can save even more money if you buy in larger, bulk sizes.  

My Castile and Castor Recipe
Pomace Olive Oil- 24 oz.
Castor Oil- 4 oz.
Distilled Water- 16.6 oz.
Fragrance Oil- 12.6 oz.
Yields: 45.8 oz of soap paste
Diluted Yields: 336 fluid ounces of liquid soap
(dilution rate of 6:1)

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Price Break Down
Pomace Olive Oil- $1.45 per lb (gallon size)
Castor Oil- $0.21 per oz (1 lb size)
Potassium Hydroxide- $0.37 per oz (2 lb size)
Distilled Water- $0.93 per lb (gallon size)
Fragrance Oil- 1.57 per oz (1 lb size)
Eight Ounce Bottles with Pump- $0.63 per bottle (50 bottle price break)

Recipe Grand Total: $52.27 (that's just $1.24 per bottle of soap).

The most expensive part of this recipe is the fragrance oil and the packaging. The fragrance oil adds $19.78 to your total cost and the bottles add $26.46. We purchased the distilled water and olive oil from Cash and Carry, a local restaurant supply. I did not include the price of labels in this equation because they can vary so greatly depending on how you print them, where you get them printed and what size they are. Bramble Berry carries water resistant labels that would allow you to get at least 10 labels for our 8 oz. bottles from each sheet.

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