Thursday, September 23, 2010

Freeform Purple Gemstones

This project is colorful, fun and easy! It is truly a creative piece of art that takes a couple different steps and layers of soap in preparation. It’s a project of imprecise measurements with unique and random soapy shapes. The first step is to make small soaps that are swirled, cut, colored and layered. Then we embed all of those soapy pieces into a loaf mold and use the swirling, embedding and geometric techniques. Intrigued? 

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Here are some suggestions for your rocky (embed) pieces...
(Leave me a comment and let me know your different techniques!)

First choose a color scheme. Having a clear color scheme really helps the final outcome look nice. I went with different shades of purple using Amethyst Purple MicaLiquid VioletViolaceous Violet micaUltramarine Violet OxideSparkle Violet MicaLiquid Blue. I also used a little bit of Fuchsia LabColor and Super Pearly White Mica for contrast. You'll also need 2 pounds of Clear Melt and Pour and 1 pound of White Melt and Pour.

OPTION ONE: Start off with a couple rectangle bars of purple colored soap. Cut it up in to random chunks (the more angles the better). Then embed those chunks into a different colored purple soap. Don’t worry about temperatures just make sure that you spritz the soapy chunks with rubbing alcohol before embedding. 

OPTION TWO: Pour a thin layer of soap into a Silicone Brownie pan and let cool for about 10 minutes. When the soap seems to be hard but is still warm, take the soap out of the mold and tear it into small chunks with your hands. Use these pieces to embed in soap.

OPTION THREE: Try pouring two purple colors at once. Cut into uneven pieces and embed.

Fragrance Oil: I used Coconut Citrus Sorbet. Just add a little bit of fragrance oil to your first couple layers of plain purple soap (you don't need to add fragrance to the soap that has already been scented). Then add fragrance to the layers in the loaf mold. 

Keep repeating the cutting and embedding cycle until you have several different layers and colors in one hunk of soap. The more embedded soap chunks you have the better.

Then use a combination of the Geometric Soap technique, the Swirling technique and the Embedding technique to embed all of your random soap chunks into a Plastic Loaf Mold. Repeat these steps until you have a full loaf mold and let your creative juices flow layer after layer! Then let the soap cool and unmold the masterpiece.

I like to leave some soapy chunks sticking out of the top.

The key to cutting the soap is lots and lots of random angles. No two soaps will be the same, which is why I love this project. Cutting the soap is SO exciting! You'll have a bunch of scraps left over after you cut your soap which you can use in your next batch.