Monday, September 20, 2010

Soapylove Tutorial: Loteria Soap Shrines

Lidded molds and embed paper are my two latest supply obsessions.  I just love how easy it is to put colorful images into soap bars, and the lidded molds make it a snap to make perfectly protected and showcased soaps!  So now that it's fall I get to pair up my favorite supplies with Mexican Folk Art, which is fabulous for colorful Halloween inspirations. 

These soaps use Loteria card images (like Mexican bingo), and then we get to bust out the crafty goodness and decorate the mold like a little shrine.  Traditionally for Dia de los Muertos families honor their deceased loved ones with favorite goodies and loads of flashy decorations. So pull out your glitter, puffy paint, rhinestones and glue gun, and have fun!  These soaps will certainly be too pretty to use!  :)

8 oz Soapylove Naturally Clear Soap Base
2 oz Soapylove Bright White Soap Base
Soapylove Jewelry Box Colorant Set
Soapylove Candy Jar Fragrance Set
Water Soluble Paper - download and print the Loteria Card images onto the paper using a laser printer
3 Lidded Molds

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Rubbing alcohol in spray bottle, knife and cutting board, microwave, measuring cups
Craft supplies such as glue gun, lace, ribbon, gems, glitter glue, decorative paper, feathers - you name it!

First melt all of the clear soap base in a measuring cup (high heat in microwave for 45 seconds or so).  Add a generous sprinkle of the ultrafine glitter from the colorant set.  Stir well and pour a thin layer into each mold.  Allow to harden.

Meanwhile, cut the Loteria Card images (they are sized to fit the lidded molds).  Reheat the soap base if it has formed a skin.  Spray hardened soap in molds with alcohol and pour another thin layer of soap on top.  Place paper, image side down, into the soap and pour another thin layer of soap on top.  Use a chopstick or craft stick to press image down flat.  Smooth all corners down.  Allow to harden.

Melt the 2 oz of white soap base, allow to cool to 120 degrees.  Spray hardened soap in molds with alcohol and pour a thin layer of white into each.  Allow to harden.

Reheat remaining clear soap in your cup and add a few drops of Ruby Red colorant.  Stir well.  Spray white soap with alcohol and pour in red soap to 1/4" of top of mold (this will make it easier to unmold soap when it's ready to be used).  Allow to harden and snap on lids.

Now you're ready to give these soaps the royal treatment!  Use a glue gun to stick on trims all around the edges (front only so you don't glue the lid on), glue fun things like gems or buttons to the sides, decorate the front with glitter glue or puff paint, and you can even glue on paper to extend the background for more decorating surfaces!  Think of it like decorating a frame.  The sky is the limit!!  Now you can hang these up like little works of art.  These would be awesome for a fall craft fair.  Very eye catching!

I hope you like this over-the-top soap treatment.  If you try it, please comment here and link to your pictures.  I would love to see what you do!

Have fun!
Debbie, Soapylove

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