Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Soap Weekend Intensive Teacher Announcement

It's hard to believe that we've been doing the Soap Weekend Intensive for four years now! With last year's long waiting list, we are determined to get everything organized quickly so you can plan to visit Bellingham. The dates are set - June 10-12.

Our Melt and Pour Teacher is still being finalized but, drum roll, we have confirmed our fan-soapy-tastic Cold Process teacher. Kristy from Kristy's Lovely Lathers! You may recall that I'm a Kristy fan (blog posts here, here and here). And heeeeeeere's Kristy!

Kristy Schemrich

My name is Kristy Schemrich and I am the founder and owner of Kristy's Lovely Lathers. I am a 43 year old housewife and mother of 3 grown children. I live in Shreve, Ohio. I started creating soaps in February. 2006 after going to my husband's cousin's home in Atlanta, Ga. at Christmas in 2005. I walked into her house andkristy_schemrichshe had a tray of these square "things" (I thought at the time) sitting out on a plate on the kitchen bar. I asked Bonnie what they were and she said "Oh that is soap, I made it!".

I was so intrigued that I went home starving for information on how to make it. I made my first batch and it turned out horribly. I broke my wrist after that first batch and couldn't make soap for 12 weeks. I thought I was going to go crazy. I started selling in 2007 to a major hardware store called Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio. They are my biggest customer to date. I started making "fancier" soaps available on Etsy in March 2008 because I have a big love for colors and creating art out of soap. My soap is strictly cold process and mainly goat's milk.

For more details about the 2011 Soap Weekend Intensive, click here to see a tentative list of classes. Keep checking back too. We'll announce information here as we add things as well as on the SWI page.