Monday, May 31, 2010

Behind the Scenes at SQTV

I hope your Memorial Day was fantastic - and that sometime today, you found a moment in silence to reflect on why Memorial Day matters to you or better yet, thanked a service person for their sacrifice on behalf of our Country.

The SoapQueen.TV crew and I took advantage of the week day off to shoot two new episodes of SoapQueen.TV.  It was a luxury because normally we shoot on the weekend.

This is our Director Ron. He looks happy with me at this moment (phew!). We're in dress rehearsal (thus no apron and the messy table). Besides our script writing sessions and script read through, we also go through all the steps before shooting the 'aloud voice' part of filming. It helps us find the best shots for the final cut.

We shot two episodes today: Tattoo Melt and Pour Soap Project and a Premium Episode - Liquid Soap from Scratch (can't wait? We have a downloadable E-Book that will give you the basics). The Tattoo Melt and Pour Soap project is super duper cute and ultra teen-friendly.

Even though I'm the only one on camera, SoapQueen.TV has an incredible crew making sure everything goes smoothly. Notice my 'stunt double' in the back of the set, babying the liquid soap through gel phase? If I didn't have the incredible support of a competent team, the shoots wouldn't be nearly as much fun AND they would go three times as long. 

Thank you SoapQueen.TV crew. You guys rock!  

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drool Worthy Cupcake Recipes from Around the 'Net

My Recipe Finds is an awesome foody blog that stopped me in my tracks today. I stumbled upon a blog post called "Top 20 Unique Cupcake Recipes of 2010". Check out the blog here and click on the cupcakes for the yummy recipes...if you dare!

My creation
Oreo Cupcakes, Margarita Cupcakes, Cider Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting, Strawberry Lime Stuffed Cupcakes, Caramel Pecan Cupcakes, Lemon Cupcakes, Guiness Cupcakes with Bailey's Irish Cream Frosting, Chocolate Cherry Coke Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes...and those are just the ones that you see pictures above! Be sure to check out My Recipe Finds to read more!

Do you want to try one of my favorite cupcake recipes? I made them in January for a 10 year Bramble'versary. See the blog post on my Salted Caramel Choco-Beer Cupcakes, they are worth it!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Give the Popcorn to the BonBon Lady

Last night, my sweet friend Jody Bergsma and I went to see Sex and the City II. We got somewhat dressed up, snuck exotic snacks into the theater and giggled about how much fun 2 hours of brainless entertainment would be. Despite having 88% cocao, organic, fair-trade chocolate secreted in our bags, there is some brain chemistry that shouts "I MUST HAVE JUNK FOOD!" when heading into a theater. Jody succumbed and purchased and entire carton of Dibs. If you haven't had Dibs, I would recommend not ever starting. Like heroin, they are addicting at first bite. Jody, being a good friend (similar to Lucifer and Jesus in the Desert), tried to entice me into having just one. Having weaned myself off of those diabolical treats once in my past, I wasn't about to start. Plus, despite the treadmill desk and bread being back in my life, I still have the metabolism of a 78 year old and gain weight just looking. So, I declined. Jody has stronger will-power than me though and only needed a few Dibs to satisfy her craving. When I didn't take her offer to share, turned around to the entire theater and shouted "Hey! Anyone want to share these with me?" Before long, the carton of Dibs was making it back, row after row, with people in each row taking just one Dibs and passing the sweet goodness along.

Two things happened: 1. You could hear the delight and merriment as the Dibs made it to the next row, the burble of happy talking and 2. As we heard the merriment spread, Jody and I started grinning like fools. I excitedly exclaimed to her, "You're spreading Happy Pixie-Dibs Dust all over the theater!"  (Not my most intelligent comment ever but it described the situation perfectly.) We both were reminded that sharing feels good.

Then we settled in to watch the previews. But, a funny thing happened. We heard rustling many many rows back and the same phrase being repeated over and over again, drawing closer to our row, "Give the Popcorn to the BonBon Lady". And, finally, a nice little 'to go' container of Popcorn arrived at our seat. We heard people in the rows behind us sharing their popcorn with multiple rows, "Here, want some popcorn?" An hour into the movie, the process repeated itself and we found ourselves with another offering of popcorn.

Jody's simple gift of sharing with strangers transformed an entire side of the theater into giving, sharing people. And for just those three hours, our sense of community was deepened and broadened through her act of giving. And, as cheesy at is sounds, I'm going to look for opportunities to spread Happy Piexie-Dib Dust around more often.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Using Colorants in Cold Process Soap - Video

And your patience is rewarded! Here it is, the last in the basic Cold Process series. This episode is all about how to color your soap. I talk about (and demonstrate) how to use Micas, Oxides and LabColors. And I show how morphing isn't always bad. Happy Soaping!

How to Make Cold Process Soap: Using Colorants, Episode 4 from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

Safety First! Watch the first video in this series "Lye Safety and Ingredients" Before attempting to make the soap demonstrated in this video. While you're at it - maybe you should watch the second video "Basic Terms" so you are fully prepared to make a successful batch of CP soap.

7 oz Coconut Oil
7 oz Palm Oil
7 oz Olive Oil
1 oz Castor Oil

7.3 oz Distilled Water
3.1 oz Sodium Hydroxide

Heat Safe and Non-Reactive Containers and Utensils
Stick Blender

Colorants used:
Red Mica
Cellini Blue Mica
Ultramarine Violet
Fuchsia LabColor

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Making of the Bicycle Soap

Hi everybody!  You may have recently seen Anne-Marie's post about my Bicycle Soap which I made just for the Soaper's Showcase at the HSMG Conference in Denver earlier this month.  I wanted to use as many techniques as I could to wow the crowd, and I'm thrilled to say it did win for Best M&P Appearance (thank you, Conference attendees for your votes!!), and now I will show you how I did it.

First I printed out a bicycle graphic on soap embed paper using a laser printer.  I neatly cut it out, leaving about 1/16" of white space all around.  It doesn't have to be perfect since the white paper becomes translucent in the soap.

I poured 1/8" layer of clear soap base into a basic square mold.  With a small, flat paintbrush, I mixed green chrome oxide with a drop of liquid glycerin.  I painted wispy grass on the hardened layer of clear soap.  I let it dry completely.

Next I poured about 1/8" layer of clear soap onto the painted layer and placed my bicycle into the hot soap.  I allowed that to harden then painted more grass.  To embed my marbled clouds (I used pearly white mica and clear soap to make a marbled soap sheet then cut out clouds using some fondant cutters), I poured another thin layer of clear soap and put my clouds in.  For more dimension I let that set, then set another layer of clouds in yet another layer of clear.  (How many layers are we up to now?  I lost count!)

At last, we're ready to make the sky.  I mixed blue non-bleeding colorant with pearl mica and stirred it into clear soap base.  I poured 1/8" layer into the mold, then propped one side onto a notepad to make the sky only cover 1/2 of the mold.  Finally I topped it off with white scented soap on a level surface.  Voila!

This is certainly an "art piece" and not one that I would make to sell.  I made another to give to a celebrity designer that I might meet this week which will probably be my last one.  But I'm thinking about some variations - this diorama idea has so many possibilities!  Can you tell I'm addicted to glycerin soap?  I love it!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Treadmill Desk! Go Forth and Walk!

I have longed for a treadmill desk ever since Michael Hyatt tweeted a video about his. I don't think I've eaten a piece of bread since 1979 in my constant search for caloric stasis yet it turns out, even working out daily and eating healthy isn't enough to keep my metabolism on par with where it needs to be. The latest studies coming out show that your metabolism is damaged by sitting too much during the day and people who sit longer die earlier (eeek!). Though I am often up and down between my desk and the soap lab, when I'm in the office, it's a sedentary existence. After seeing the metabolism study, I got serious about getting a treadmill desk.

Picture 653

After much planning and budgeting, I started watching Craiglist for used gym-quality treadmills. In my research, I was told several times that for walking slowly for hours a day would be taxing on any motor (which made no sense to me but to be fair, my degree is in psychology and I've never been great with mechanics). Since I needed a big motor, it took a while to find a treadmill that had a huge motor without costing a huge bundle. I finally found a refurbished Precor Treadmill, just like the ones at my gym. It's a huge monster of a beast. It took 4 guys and a forklift to unload it.

Picture 658

The next step was to figure out how to put a desk on it. I wanted a desk that I could unhook in case I wanted to run on the treadmill (what a crazy idea to use it the way it's supposed to be used). I found a custom woodworker locally, showed him the treadmill, told him about my crazy idea, braced for laughter and within a week, he had measured and built my treadmill desk. And, now, every day, I walk for at least 3 hours a day while answering emails. It's super easy. I don't even notice I'm walking and hallelujah, bread is back in my life.

Picture 661

Here's a blog post on how to build your own $39 desk to put on your treadmill. Or the fantastic cabinet maker that built mine said he is happy to share the plans for a nominal fee. Either way, if you work in an office and you'd like to burn calories while you work and yes, even live longer, start saving your pennies to save your life.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soap Queen Sunday and Fizzies Galore!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It was drizzly and cold here in Bellingham so it was a perfect day to be in the studio filming episodes of Soap Queen TV. I'm so excited for these episodes to air. We made the cutest bath bomb cupcakes, patriotic fizzies and 3D mondo bath bombs.

"Bath Bomb Cupcakes: Take One" (Look, we even got an official clapboard!)
Picture 668
"A Table Full of Cuteness"

Picture 660
"Mondo Bath Bombs in Progress"

I can't wait to share these episodes with you. If you've ever had trouble with bath fizzies, making the mondo stainless steel bath bomb molds stick together or couldn't figure out how to frost your cupcake, these two episodes will solve those mysteries and more. This upcoming week, the last of the Basic Cold Process series airs and I'll have the Advanced Premium Swirling SoapQueen.TV videos done soon thereafter. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

Best M&P and Soapylove Mash-Up

Another BIG congratulations to Debbie Chialtas, a.k.a Soapylove, for winning the Best Melt and Pour Soap at the Handcrafted Soapmaker's Guild! Even though I'm not entirely shocked that she won (I know how talented she is), I was still blown away by her entry. It's unique, fresh and inspiring!

Debbie Chialtas is also a guest blogger for the Soap Queen Blog. Check out some of her creative projects she's designed exclusively for the Soap Queen Blog and don't miss out on the Soapylove Product Line at Bramble Berry

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blue Man Cold Process Soap Tutorial

Father’s Day is next month (Sunday, June 20th). Now is the time to make your cold process soap so it has time to cure for Dad’s big day!

Never made cold process before? No problem! Check out our beginning series to cold process on Soap Queen TV. Be sure to check out all of the (free) videos before diving in. Don’t miss out on the safety precautions and basic instructions.

Video 1: Lye Safety and Ingredients

Video 2: Cold Process Basic Terms

Video 3: Cold Process Fragrances

Video 4 COMING SOON: Cold Process Colorants

Safety First: Make sure that you have on your goggles, gloves and long sleeves. Read a lye safety blog post HERE or watch a short video on lye safety HERE.

11 oz. Olive Oil
8.9 oz. Coconut Oil
7.9 oz. Palm Oil
2.1 oz. Jojoba Oil
.5 oz. Shea Butter
4.3 oz. Lye
10 oz. Distilled Water
(Yeild 45 oz.)

2.5 oz. Blue Man Fragrance Oil
¼ tsp of Ultramarine Blue
1 tsp of Ocean Blue Jojoba Beads
1/8 tsp of Super Pearly White
2 mini scoops of Titanium Dioxide
.5 oz. EXTRA Jojoba Oil

2 Heat Safe Containers
Mini Scoop
Small Bowl
Wax Paper
Mini Mixer for Colorants
Stick Blender

9 Bar Baltic Birch Mold

ONE: Put on your gloves and goggles and make your lye water. Measure out 10 ounces of distilled water and mix in 4.3 ounces of lye. Remember to always add the lye to the water and never the other way around. Stir the lye water until the mixture turns clear and set aside.

TWO: Measure out all of your oils. In a large heat safe container, heat and combine the olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and jojoba oil. Give it a good mix.

THREE: Stir your shea butter into the oil mixture until is completely melts in. If shea butter gets too hot it tends to get grainy. I like to stir it in and have the heat from the other oils melt the butter.

Let your oils and lye cool down. For this recipe, my oils and lye were both between 90°F and 100°F when I combined them (oils were 94°F and lye water was 98°F). While your oils are cooling, we have a couple of things to keep us busy, like lining your mold, measuring out your fragrance, and making a blue slurry for the swirl.

Line Your Mold: Use freezer paper to line your mold, shiny side up. Once your mold is lined add the side and end border pieces and put your inserts together so they’re ready for action.

Fragrance: In a small mug or bowl, measure out 2.8 ounces of Blue Man Fragrance Oil. I normally recommend .7 oz. to 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of cold process soap. I’m using a little more this time so it’s strongly scented (because I adore, love, love, love, strongly scented soap).

Blue Slurry: I learned this technique from Christy Rose of KBShimmer and love it. In a tall plastic container, combine ½ ounce of Jojoba Oil and ¼ tsp. of Ultramarine Blue Oxide. Mix together with a mini mixer or frother to break up all of the clumps. We’ll be adding some soap to this colorant later to swirl.

Fragrance: Measure out 2.5 ounces of Blue Man Fragrance Oil.

FIVE: Once your oils mixture and lye mixture has reached your desired temperature, it’s time to combine them. Slowly and carefully add your lye water to the oil mixture. Remember to “burp” your stick blender before turning it on.

What’s Burping? Burping gets rid of air bubbles. Give the stick blender a couple of taps on the bottom of the glass container while the head of the mixer is submerged in the liquid. The goal is to get the bubbles out of the head of the mixer before we start mixing.

SIX: Mix with your stick blender until you have a thin trace (like a thin pudding mixture). Then add 12 ounces of the soap batter to the blue slurry container and mix with your sick blender. Do not add any fragrance to this colored soap. Blue Man is a discoloring fragrance and we don’t want this part of the soap to discolor. Then hand stir in ½ tsp of Blue Jojoba Beads.

SEVEN: Add the Blue Man fragrance to the rest of the non-colored soap batter and hand mix with a spoon. Then add 2 mini scoops of Titanium Dioxide and 1/8 tsp of Super Pearly White Mica. Mix well with your stick blender. Don’t forget to “burp”!

EIGHT: Both soap batters should be at a light trace at this point. Pour half of the non-colored base into the mold. Then drizzle half of your colored soap in an “S” like pattern horizontally then again, vertically. Repeat with the rest of your soap batter.

NINE: In bigger molds I usually use a spatula or a spoon to swirl. Because this mold is so small, I recommend something smaller like a skewer. I actually used a dropper and the swirls turned out great. Swirl your soap in an “S-like” shape horizontally then again vertically.

TEN: Drop in the assembled dividers and pop the lid on. Let it rest for 24-48 hours before unmolding. Then let it cure for 4-6 weeks. Click HERE for unmolding tips.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's New at Bramble Berry

Peace Mold (I used this mold to make these)

Half Round Mold (I used this mold to make these)

9 Bar Baltic Birch Mold (holds 45 to 60 ounces) 

Mini Silver Plastic Mixer (for mixing small amounts of colorants)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Congratulations Naiad Soap Arts!

I want to give a soapy shout out to Erin Pikor, from Naiad Soap Arts, for winning Best Soap at the Handcrafted Soapmaker's Guild Conference. Her Tea Room Soap took the cake and I couldn't be more proud. I knew she was a great soap artist but the vote of all the soapers at the conference just proved it!

Erin is a guest blogger for the Soap Queen Blog and always comes up with the cutest projects like Solid Sugar Cubes and Cold Process Cupcakes.

Erin will also be a teacher at this years Soap Weekend Intensive making Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Soap and Ambrosia Salad Soap. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to meet Erin! Sign up for Soap Weekend Intensive 2010 HERE And, congratulations Erin. We're so excited for you and your award. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Eco Chic Candles

Get back to the basics by using natural products like Bramble Berry's new EcoSoya-135 wax. It is skin safe, 100% vegetable based and made from soy which is an environmentally friendly renewable resource. Reuse your old canning jars, mason jars or baby food containers for a variety of eco-friendly container candles.

Eco-Friendly Candle Ingredients:
Glass Baby Food Containers
10 pencils (optional)


ONE: Melt the EcoSoya wax in the microwave in a heat safe container. Make sure to melt it in 1 minute bursts, stirring in between with a spoon. Normally we recommend a double boiler for wax melting but his particular wax has a melt point of 122°F so it melts nicely in the microwave. Also, for paraffin based waxes, I always recommend specialty candle containers. Again, because of the super low melt point, they are not needed for this Eco-Soy based project. For more tips on candle making, check out the Soap Queen TV Episode on Travel Candles.


TWO: Fill one jar with melted wax, leaving at least 1/2" from the top of the jar. Mix in your essential oil blend (we used 5 ml Orange EO, 4 ml Grapefruit EO, 3 ml Lime EO). Blend well. Note: we used a 4 oz. baby food jar and found it held 3.2 oz. (by weight) of Soy Wax.

THREE: Dip the base of the wick into the melted wax and center on the bottom of the container.

TIP: If you're having problems with leaning wicks, make sure that your wick can stand on "dry land" before putting it in your wax, bending the wick if necessary. Once the wick is centered in the candle, place 2 pencils horizontally on the jar on each side of the wick. This will give the wick a little support as you pour the wax and the candle cools.

FOUR: Repeat steps two and three and let cool for 4 to 6 hours. Trim the wicks to 1/4", light the candle, and enjoy.

Customize this project with the resources that you have available. Let us know how your eco candles turned out!  


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Colorful Spring Inspiration from Etsy

Once again I was distracted on Etsy (big shocker) looking for colorful soaps that scream SPRING! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here (in Bellingham, WA) so I was on the hunt for bright colors and happy flowers everywhere, including nature. I even got to go on a beautiful hike to Clayton Beach with my parents this weekend so I definitely celebrated the happy weather this weekend. Back to Etsy, here's what caught my eye this evening.

My creation

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poppy Paperie Shout Out

Lisa Johnson, from Poppy Paperie, has done it again. She wows me with her creativity! Check out these Apple Pie Candles packaged to perfection. Lisa is a total rock star!

She has all the details on how she made these cute-as-pie candles on the Poppy Paperie Blog

Do you want to see how Lisa packaged her handmade soaps? See Wednesday's blog post HERE.

Have a great weekend - I'm off to an all day organizing class at Organized at Last (in Bellingham). Though I'm a clean person, being neat and organized is a bit of a challenged so I'm excited about all the tips I'm going to learn in class.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Using Fragrances in CP Soap on Soap Queen TV

Finally! I share a recipe in this, the 3rd episode in my 'How to Make Cold Process Soap' series. I really wanted to emphasize the need for safety and understanding the ingredients and process before showing a complete recipe in my video series. Thanks for being patient. (Can't see the video because you're using a blog reader or get SoapQueen delivered to your email? Click through to the blog to see the video).

How to Make Cold Process Soap: Using Fragrances, Episode 3 from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

7.9 oz distilled water
3.4 oz Sodium Hydroxide, Lye
8 oz Coconut Oil
8 oz Palm Oil
8 oz Olive Oil
2 oz Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey fragrance oil

I used our 2 pound wooden mold - so cute!

Be Safe! Watch the first video in this series "Lye Safety and Ingredients" Before attempting to make the soap demonstrated in this video.

While you're at it - maybe you should watch the second video "Basic Terms" so you are fully prepared to make a successful batch of CP soap.

In this episode of Soap Queen TV learn what terms like Ricing, Seizing and Acceleration mean. This is the third episode in my How to Make Cold Process Soap series and it's all about how to use fragrances and essential oils in your CP soap and what to watch out for.

Are you a blogger? Please feel free to embed this video on your blog. If you need any help, just let us know!

Music: PsyWoofers' "Dancing 4 Joy"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gorgeous Ways to Package Your Creations

So much time is spent planning and executing your soap recipe. Don't you want your packaging to reflect that? Your answer should be YES! Lisa Johnson, from Poppy Paperie, shows us some creative and inspiring examples of charming soap packaging over on her blog.

Soaps were made with the Slim Square Mold, and Ice Cream Toy
Learn how to embed toys HERE on SoapQueen.TV.

My creation
Soap was made with the Slim Square Mold with Hungarian Lavender and the rubber stamping technique. Learn how to Rubber Stamp your soap HERE on SoapQueen.TV.

My creation
Made with the Soapylove IceCream Cone Mold and Mint Chocolate Chip Fragrance Oil. See Soapylove's IceCream tutorial HERE.

Gasp! I'm so impressed with Lisa's soapmaking and packaging talent. Check out Lisa's Blog for a full tutorial on how to package your soaps like a rock star (Click HERE)! Make sure that you read all the way to the end of the Poppy Paperie blog post, you could have a chance to win a Bramble Berry gift certificate for $25! Good luck!

Check the other Bramble Berry resources on soapmaking...
Watch: SoapQueen.TV 
Learn: Teach Soap

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pure Illumination and Inspiration

Bramble Berry customer service received super inspirational email the other day from Miranda Coggins, the owner of The Lano Company, where she sells the booming LED Lip Gloss Line. The coolest part is that she's a Bramble Berry Customer. We're so proud! Check out the press release below and thanks for letting us share this, Miranda!
Stay-At-Moms and Recently Unemployed Help Support Local Business
Pride in Their Resident Entrepreneur Spreads Teamwork

Raymore, MO – The Lano Company experienced such an explosion of business after their Fall launch of the Pure Illumination LED lip gloss line, they had to get creative.  Once a business that owner Miranda Coggins developed from her stovetop and ran from a home office, now has grown to exciting levels!

 "This winter when gloss orders were pouring in, I had to figure out how to fill over 10,000 glosses by the end of the week!" Owner Miranda Coggins states.  The days of filling 300 glosses in an afternoon with her girlfriends, had quickly come to an end.  As exciting as the need to fill thousands of glosses, Miranda also found it quite daunting!  Her team got creative and started recruiting stay-at-home Moms and both recently unemployed men and women from their local community.

The first day was trial and error, but by the end of the month, and 40,000 glosses later, the system was nearly perfected!  Instead of three girlfriends around the small kitchen counter, the crew was now moved to the basement bar-top with a crew of close to 20!  "Initially we thought finding that many people available to work in the middle of the day would be difficult!" said Miranda.  She soon learned, there were many in her community that enjoyed the opportunity.  They recruited a few close friends, and soon the news spread!  People came together to not only work, but to support Miranda and their love of the product she had developed.

Miranda's production team hard at work.

Raymore, Missouri is a small community where some might say, “everyone knows everyone!”  In this instance that’s been a positive thing!  Miranda and Layne, her husband and business partner, have lived in Raymore for over 20 years.  When the success of The Lano product line spread, everyone knew of Miranda and she was soon affectionately coined,  “The Lip Gloss Lady.”

“I think the combination of Miranda's outgoing personality and devotion to her gloss definitely helped her recruit us to be a part of the excitement!” Carrie McGrew, family friend and lip gloss filler said .   Curiosity of how lip gloss is made, poured and packaged intrigued many to give it a try as well.

"I worked the first day basically because I loved the product and wanted to help, but now it's nice to feel like I'm a part of something exciting!" Said Ashley Lorenc, a repeat gloss filler.  The community has a sense of ownership and pride when it comes to their Pure Illumination lip gloss.   Walk into the local “pub” and ask about light up lip gloss and more than one person can tell you about Miranda and they probably have a Pure Illumination gloss in their purse!

The Lano Company has also become involved in community Fund Raising, working with the Missouri PTA, several salon distribution companies and of course their nationwide vendors.

To find out more about Miranda Coggins, The Lano Company and her Pure Illumination Line, contact her at (816) 809-9453 as well as by email MirandaCoggins(at)Comcast(dot)net.  The website has extensive information and several other products at

# # #

Be sure to check out the The Lano Company Blog, too!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Cupcake Class

Regular readers of this blog know that I am borderline obsessed with cupcakes. In fact, it's how I measure my workouts, "Hey, we just ran 3 miles, or enough to eat one full cupcake!". And even though I have made some incredible cupcakes in the past (Choco Beer Salted Caramel being my pièce de résistance), my frosting skills are just a wee bit lacking.


So, I convinced Amber from Bramble Berry to go take a cupcake frosting class with me. It was hilariously fun and so easy! Making cute cupcakes is a snap if you just have the basic pattern down and necessary tools. I am definitely going to invest in some better cupcake frosting tools to get the frosting just right.


My number one amazing tip from the class though? Use a paintbrush, dipped in water, to get a smooth shiny finish on your cupcake frosting. Then I got to take all of the cupcakes to my birthday party where they were quickly gobbled up! It was such a festive way to make an entrance.

AM cupcakes bday

I hope you had an equally fun weekend. =)